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It is available with one or two 24″ leaves for seating of up to eight or ten, respectively. It features graceful cabriole legs with superior shell carved knees. With both leaves open, this table easily accommodates six. This particular dining table is the first made by Kittinger for the Colonial Williamsburg Reproduction Program and, therefore, is extremely rare. Made of figurative mahogany with extensive reeding, this table has two gates supported by tapered columnar posts and splayed legs with brass paw feet and casters. This is a perfect table for intimate dining. With its drop-leafs, it is the perfect answer for today’s smaller dining room settings. Its mid-size makes it perfect for a small dining area or breakfast room, and when not in use, it can be closed to conveniently store against a wall or behind a sofa. Made of mahogany, this table has retained the clean lines and crisp carving of the original with its oval top and graceful cabriole legs terminating in ball and claw feet.

New tourism project brands five states as Americana Music Triangle

Dating back to the s and opening its doors here in , the Hall got its start after hours in an art gallery, where the owner was inspired to give out-of-work New Orleans Jazz players a stage. The people of New Orleans responded with their attendance and donations, and the sessions began to take on a life of their own. It was this community response that created Preservation Hall as we know it today—a leader in music education, a beloved cultural touchstone and the undisputed headquarters of the magic that is New Orleans Jazz.

Get your jazz fix here: Maison is a great place to start, with lively music and dancing seven nights a week.

Ruane, S., R. A. Pyron, and F. T. Burbrink. Phylogenetic relationships of the Cretaceous frog Beelzebufo from Madagascar and the placement of fossil constraints based on temporal and phylogenetic evidence. Journal of Evolutionary Biology DOI: /jx.

Log in here Dislike seeing ads? The Revenue Cutter Service, established by Alexander Hamilton in , was an early version of the Coast Guard that enforced tariff laws at sea. She said buyers for decoys are often not average collectors of Americana and folk art. A red-breasted Merganser hen carved by L. That sticker shock price should not dismay the growing number of prominent collectors.

Also on offer this week is church silver, once rarely seen at auction. Since church silver was used infrequently by its original owners, the surface is usually in mint condition. Some of the furniture which could be the perfect accompaniment for that silver also boasts unusually steep estimates. Sotheby’s is offering the rarest piece of furniture: Enhancing its price is the fact that the wealthy Loyalist merchant Gilbert Deblois commissioned the desk.

The merchant’s descendants kept the desk close to a window, so its surface is now sun-streaked.

Black Deer festival: Iron & Wine to headline new Americana event

The following is a guide to information on hibiscus and hibiscus-family plants that is available on the internet as at April, The following is not a guide to the identification of plants. The following is not a recommendation for eating or drinking plants in the hibiscus family. Nor is the following a recommendation for the use of hibiscus and hibiscus-family plants as a substitute for standard medical treatments.

Consult your physician before using a herbal preparation or remedy. Although there is a long history, dating back to Roman times, http:

The folk supergroup I’m With Her, made up of Americana virtuosos Sara Watkins, Aoife O’Donovan and Sarah Jarosz, has released a debut LP.

Tennessee philanthropist Aubrey Preston has turned his eye to promoting hotspots in the Delta in a preservation and tourism initiative called the Americana Music Triangle. The result of his experience in this project is a unique combination of technology, authentic history and grassroots movement. He hopes to bring some of the smaller towns rich in history into cultural consciousness by branding the region under the flag of the American Music Triangle.

Destinations are connected by the newly-branded Golden Record Road, a 1, mile stretch made up of Interstate 40, Highway 61 and Natchez Trace Parkway. Every stop along the way is laid out for its influence in music history. The guide directs people to storied stops like Sun Studio and Graceland, of course, but it also draws attention to the living, breathing sites of Memphis music like the Levitt Shell , St.

The initiative, which is the culmination of more than three years of effort, will be coordinated with state tourism agencies across the region. The project is headed by nonprofit Leipers Fork Foundation, Inc. Share Read more articles by Madeline Faber. Madeline Faber is an editor and award-winning reporter. Her experience as a development reporter complements High Ground’s mission to write about what’s next for Memphis.

Why do Chinese women date western men?

She grew up in Iowa and graduated from high school in Independence, Iowa. Her three elder sisters often read to her when she was good. By the age of four, she had her own library card. The two continued to work together, often spending 17 hours a day, seven days a week at work [4] and married in She sold her first manuscript to Harlequin , becoming their first American author.

The Western romance focused on the female, who was often marginalized in traditional Western novels.

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History Native Oaxaca criollo avocados, the ancestral form of today’s domesticated varieties Persea americana, or the avocado, is possibly thought to have originated in the Tehuacan Valley [6] in the state of Puebla , Mexico, [7] although fossil evidence suggests similar species were much more widespread millions of years ago. However, there is evidence for three possible separate domestications of the avocado, resulting in the currently recognized Mexican aoacatl , Guatemalan quilaoacatl , and West Indian tlacacolaocatl landraces.

This evidence was found in an earth mound intended to be a ceremonial structure called Huaca Prieta , kilometers north of Lima , Peru. The earliest residents were living in temporary camps in an ancient wetland eating avocados, chilies, mollusks, sharks, birds, and sea lions. The plant was introduced to Spain in , Indonesia around , Mauritius in , Brazil in , the United States mainland in , South Africa and Australia in the late 19th century, and Israel in In , the California Avocado Association introduced the then-innovative term avocado to refer to the plant.

The earliest known written use in English is attested from as “avogato pear”, a term which was later corrupted as “alligator pear”.

Americana on the Block

There are cloth dolls that are respectful in nature and there are dolls that are caricatures which exist in the collecting marketplace. There are truly old dolls and modern reproduction folk art dolls made in tribute to the true old rag dolls and caricature styles. I am going to share what I know about the dolls made by women for children, both black and white. It is not my place to say where these cloth dolls belong in African-American history.

What I want to do is start a conversation about how and why these dolls exist and the fact that the majority of truly old dolls were made for children out of a love that transcended racial lines.

ACOG is a nonprofit organization of women’s health care physicians advocating highest standards of practice, continuing member education and public awareness of women’s health care issues.

August 16, at 5: Pull it straight out, you;ll need to pull hard as the contacts are larger and are tighter. Your only options at that point is to kill the circuit breaker on the panel, then get hold of a couple high school football players the bigger the better! Look up at the hinges and pull the pin on the spring steel back enough to remove it.

Then on the top of the control panel are 2 screws with phillips heads. Remove these and the control panel will angle down and hang on the ground wire. Inside that wiring rats nest you should find an envelope with the wiring diagrams. See my previous post dated July 23rd. With it unplugged you can disassemble the practically whole thing. Any more questions go ahead and ask. Continuation from 23 July:

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Dating the tree of life. Calibration age and quartet divergence date estimation. The power of relative rates tests depends on the data. Journal of Molecular Evolution Sociality, population size and rate of molecular evolution. The modern molecular clock.

According to historian Roben Campbell, who has done extensive research in dating old black cloth dolls, they can be divided into three periods: The Earliest are the Finest (), Everyday Calico and Shoe Button () and The Last Stand: The Bottle Dolls ().

He had retreated to California, where he fostered a good relationship with The Eagles’ Don Henley and played his guitar to tiny crowds. People are actually listening. And I have never heard louder screaming. Horan may have ditched his four multi-millionaire band mates and signature plaid shirts, but the boy next door from Mullingar has lost none of his appeal among hardened One Direction fans, for whom he was always a favourite.

Jo Hale While Harry Styles who launched his solo album in May, shortly before starring in Dunkirk and Zayn Malik who topped the charts in after being the first to abandon 1D may have set casual observers’ hearts a-flutter. But it was Horan, with his easy Irish charm and approachable looks, who won the biggest screams at One Direction’s sold-out arena gigs. He may have enjoyed the quiet in California, but there was none of that in West London. Horan was not here to court his crowd — who had snapped up all 2, tickets in less than a minute — but to play his forthcoming solo album, Flicker.

Horan observes his adoring crowd Credit:

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