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Pinterest By far the most popular article on this blog is the Super Tall Amazing Rainbow Birthday Cake , a tippy, teetery, monstrosity of a cake. Attempting that sky high cake is not for the faint of heart, so I wanted to figure out an easier way to create rainbow cakes. I bring you the latest in rainbow cakery, baked in a jar to show off all the pretty colors. Rainbow cakes in a jar are also the perfect treat for all your unicorn friends. I hope you enjoy your cake. Half-pint jars would be much more sensible for individual servings! I ran them through the dishwasher and made sure they were completely dry before getting started.

James & Jasmine Ch. 01

WhatsApp I was very fortunate to have two trucks at the same time which enabled me to bring Swede home from the farm. Then, it was time to power wash him down and start making a list of things to be done. Bringing Swede Home Up until this point, I had never used a winch and, fortunately, a Ram rep and good instructions made it really easy. I hooked up the front of Swede to the winch hook and then jack knifed the Titan with the trailer.

A suitable and effective business plan is a must for starting any business. As goat farming is a proven highly profitable business idea so, it is very necessary to make a proper goat farming business plan before starting this business. Make a clear and up to date .

Neat Ripple Pattern Ahhhhhhhh look at all those hooky ripplesome ripples, aren’t they glorious? I love crocheting this pattern, its relatively simple, rhythmic and soothing, but playing with colours in this way is also energising, exciting and a lot of fun. Well to me it is any road. But I persevered and eventually I cracked it. But truthfully I always think crochet patterns look and sound far too complex, more than they actually need to be. And I have so wanted to write a tutorial for a ripple pattern that would be easy to understand for beginners and would eliminate certain niggles.

So what I’ve done here for you is to write my own pattern.

Jasmine Star Stitch Crochet Coaster and Trivet Set

Shrimpimp You ever wondered what it would be like if the Revenge and Pahkitew casts were selected for Total Drama Island? Well your question has been answered with this fanfic. Join me as twenty seven contestants battle it out for the million dollars! Anon Reviewer- Nice twist with the fake-out elimination ceremony! Seeing more reward challenges you come up with sounds fun should you decide on that.

Of course everyone except Scott took the chance to vote for Scarlett when B won the reward challenge before learning nobody would go home.

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The eyes of the little Asian who stared back down at her gleamed with true cruelty, obviously relishing her absolute control over the helpless trainee. Jasmine could only endure that stare for a moment before averting her eyes and lowering her head. The leather crop fell like a blur into the side of Jasmine’s overstuffed breast, stinging just hard enough to force a small grunt between her parted lips. I told you to show me your tongue. When your master tells you to do something, you do it until he tells you to stop.

And whenever we’re together here, I’m your mistress. Feng tossed Jasmine’s sopping gag to the floor behind herself, where a naked girl draped in steel chains scrambled jingling to retrieve it. Then the burgundy-clad dominatrix extended her left index finger toward Jasmine’s tongue, apparently pointing to its pierced tip. The auburn-haired girl stared down at her finely stitched leather glove.

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This pattern is worked in rounds around the ring using different loops behind the petals. Photos of stitch placements are included. Both Burgundy and White are listed as color choices in the instructions. Use one or the other, not both together. If you are unfamiliar with crocheting around a plastic ring, I have created a photo tutorial that you can see here. Ch 4, working in bottom loops, sc in 2nd ch from hook.

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Her father being an astrophysicist observing the universe through the telescopes on Mauna Kea, was also a gifted concert pianist who had attended the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada. Following in his musical footsteps, starting out as a classical violinist at age 3, Jasmine also had a natural talent for singing at 5. Influenced by pop music, broadway musicals, orchestral arrangements, and classic rock, she wrote her first song at When she wasn’t performing in local musicals or the university orchestra, she was also jamming in rock bands with her fiddle.

Having a voice of her own, she picked up the guitar at age 15 and also began songwriting on piano. With a keen desire to move forward with her music, by age 16 Jasmine was already learning the ropes of recording and music production with Protools. Touring the islands of Hawaii and O’ahu, the only element missing was the backbeat. In the process of auditioning musicians for her live shows, Jasmine met Josh who had been playing drums in hard rock bands with his brother Adam on bass.

Writing songs and looking for a project to get behind, the musical chemistry between them was instant! Having a natural gift for arrangement and composition, Josh’s Bonham-influenced feel for drums combined with Jasmine’s mesmerizing voice, recording experience and use of strings has developed her sound into a heavier, majestic backdrop for their hard pop” songs.

Jasmine Kang

Marsupilami In the episode “Thorn O’ Plenty”, after Marsupilami removes a thorn from Eduardo the Jaguar ‘s paw, Eduardo attempts to restore his debt to his former prey so he can hunt him once more. Eduardo tries to rescue Marsupilami while he’s fishing for piranhas, but the ravenous piranhas prove too much for the jaguar. As he fights them off, he is quickly devoured by a crocodile. Tick-Tock makes a guest appearance as the secondary antagonist in the episode ” The Sound and the Furry ” under the name of Al.

He serves as the henchman and pet of Crazy Edie, a mechanic con-artist who sabotages airplanes in order to charge high prices with the help of her four cute, furry gremlins, who are forced against their will to assist her with high-tech collars around their necks to carry out their acts.

Cordova Hooks – Deep Dive into my Jasmine Unit Test Hook written in NodeJS Android, Cordova / Phonegap, ive, Ionic, IOS, Javascript, Mobile Development. After my session about ive() called “Getting your Hooks into Cordova – Workflows and Build Helpers”, I decided I should do a deep dive into each of my Hooks I discussed in my presentation, and today we’ll look at .

Twining vines such as jasmine Jasminum spp. You can install a system of wire eye lags and wires onto which nonattaching vines can twine without actually touching the wall. This method works well for wooden and brick exterior house walls, but you can also adapt the project for block retaining walls and fences, or attach wire between standing posts. Check the chalk line for level before snapping. Make a small mark every 2 feet along the length of the horizontal line to mark the location for the eye screws.

Make a mark every 2 feet along the line; the marks should line up evenly with the marks on the first level. Repeat this process, making additional horizontal lines until you reach the top of the wall. Start the wire eye lag with your hands and tighten with pliers.

Unit Testing in Angular: Stubs vs Spies vs Mocks

So I guess we should just do it. Lead the way,” James stated. I’m not the boss — you are. But I do have some ideas,” she said, as she slowly slipped her fingers under the sash and loosened the robe.

In an attempt to assert his thoughts on the shoot and a selfish desire to see Jasmine in certain poses, James began to give a few more directions than he had up to that point. “Jasmine, lean forward a bit and pull your arms in,” James directed, as she kneeled on the bed in all her glory.

WebStorm recently announced native support for standard directly in the IDE. If you still prefer to configure standard manually, follow this guide. If you use standard in your project, you can include one of these badges in your readme to let people know that your code is using the standard style. The whole point of standard is to save you time by avoiding bikeshedding about code style.

There are lots of debates online about tabs vs. These debates just distract from getting stuff done. At the end of the day you have to ‘just pick something’, and that’s the whole philosophy of standard — its a bunch of sensible ‘just pick something’ opinions. Hopefully, users see the value in that over defending their own opinions.


Basically, a rain chain is a decorative chain that you can use in place of an unsightly downspout on your home. When it rains, the rain chain makes a pleasing water feature using the rain runoff from your roof. Long popular in Japan, rain chains are beginning to trend here in the USA. I saw a very interesting wire-wrapped rock rain chain , and decided to get a similar look by making my own using dollar store rocks and floral wire.

Read on to find out how to make it!

Young celebrities before they were famous. From first auditions, to high school photos. And from ethnicity to a gay or straight factcheck.

By Jasmine Whitehead in Gluten Free , Healthy Dinners , Healthy Eating , Recipes , Vegan 26 While my daughter is already listening to Christmas music on a local radio station, eating mashed potatoes is a weekly thing in our home. My kids and husband love them and I love that I sneak in more than just potatoes. I just made this the other day and I have about 1 cup left over. Here are my Healthy Mashed Potatoes recipe! You can still enjoy mashed potatoes without all the extras in them!

These are power packed!

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