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Ancient Corinth is an important archaeological site, which has revealed many great finds. Once one of the most powerful cities of the Classical world, it came under Roman rule in BC. It is here that St. Paul preached to the people of Corinth in AD , and his experience later inspired him to write the New Testament books of the First Corinthians and Second Corinthians, among the most quoted books of the Bible.

Today, amid the archaeological excavations, you can see the ruins of various buildings including temples, a forum, baths, and a basilica.

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Apollo 11 Cave Stones, Namibia, quartzite, c. Image courtesy of State Museum of Namibia. A significant discovery Approximately 25, years ago, in a rock shelter in the Huns Mountains of Namibia on the southwest coast of Africa today part of the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park , an animal was drawn in charcoal on a hand-sized slab of stone. The stone was left behind, over time becoming buried on the floor of the cave by layers of sediment and debris until when a team led by German archaeologist W.

Wendt excavated the rock shelter and found the first fragment above, left. It was more than three years later however, after a subsequent excavation, when Wendt discovered the matching fragment above, right , that archaeologists and art historians began to understand the significance of the find. While it is not possible to learn the actual date of the fragments, it is possible to estimate when the rocks were buried by radiocarbon dating the archaeological layer in which they were found.

Archaeologists estimate that the cave stones were buried between 25, and 25, years ago during the Middle Stone Age period in southern Africa making them, at the time of their discovery, the oldest dated art known on the African continent and among the earliest evidence of human artistic expression worldwide.

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Apollo is a so-called asset recovery specialist, who has been convicted of fraud and has served five years in jail for receiving stolen goods. So just how rich is Apollo Nida? Apollo is also noted for his aggressive involvement in the use of social sites, which has helped him to increase the number of his fans and followers dramatically. He has an impressive number of 73, followers on Twitter, a social site. On a recent note, although Apollo was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for identity theft, conspiracy and fraud in , he could have gone to jail for thirty years.

The subsequent shortened sentence was because of plea bargaining and his co-operation with federal agents regarding the case.

degassed material or by causing heating at the Apollo 12 site. 40Ar/39Ar dating of two alkali anorthosite clasts yielded ages of ± Ga and ± Ga. We interpret these ages as the crystallization age of the rock and they represent the youngest.

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Tom Hanks’ most embarrassing moment on set

The veteran showman has lived a long and often lurid career, never far from controversy, but as anyone who has caught one of his hit-and-miss shows will know, in recent years it all depends on which Manson turns up. Tonight the shock rocker turns up slightly broken – he is unveiled on stage, as the curtain descends, emerging from the smoke in an electric wheelchair decked out like a gothic throne.

Earlier in the tour Manson had suffered a freak accident when part of the stage set, the two pistols which tower at its centre, had fallen on him during his cover of Sweet Dreams, breaking his ankle. Flanked permanently during the night by two adjuncts dressed as surgeons, Manson might be temporarily out of full physical working order but his voice certainly isn’t. His idiosyncratic scream, instantly recognisable, hits just as hard as it did back in 96 as opener Revelation 12 sounds epic.

The set has a healthy balance of revered tracks from the back-catalogue and new material.

Spherules from the Apollo 14 mission (Fra Mauro Formation) are most feasible for Ar/Ar dating as they are enriched in potassium by a factor of compared to those from other Apollo landing sites. Fifty-one Apollo 14 spherules yield Ar/Ar isochron ages that range from 0 to 4 Ga with errors that range from +/- .

Posted on December 31, by The Physicist Physicist: The lunar landers are each about 4 meters across and about , , meters away, which makes them about as hard to see as a single coin from a thousand miles away. A picture of the Apollo 17 landing site taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which, as the name implies, was in orbit around the Moon when it took this presumably reconnaissance-related picture. Those meandering lines are tracks left by a lunar rover. In fact, a big part of why we humans bother to go to the Moon, other planets, and space in general is that photographs from Earth leave a lot to be desired.

In exactly the same way that the surface of water scatters light, air makes it difficult for astronomers to practice their dread craft.

The Age of the Moon

This year, on that anniversary, New York auction house Bonhams is holding a Space History auction , an occasion that offers a rare peek at some fascinating artifacts from the space age, including some from the Apollo 11 flight and Soyuz missions. Items up for auction include astronaut training equipment, spacesuits, original documents signed by astronauts, full size models of satellites, navigation aids used in space and photographic prints. It is only recently that such artifacts have become available in this way.

Ownership of artifacts from government-run space missions could be unclear, with some saying they were the property of the individual and some saying that the federal government had the rights to them. That changed four years ago, as Bonhams points out , when President Obama signed into law a bill clarifying that Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo crew members, dating through the completion of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, would “have full ownership of and clear title to” artifacts received during their missions, and that the Federal Government would have no claim to such artifacts “transferred, sold, or assigned to a third party by an astronaut described in subsection.

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Share this article Share The small circular room is mounted on massive springs which would have absorbed any explosions and disturbances felt and each of the 20 chairs in the shelter is padded and large enough to allow an astronaut in a full pressure suit to strap himself in for safety. The six-inch thick blast door was accessed by a foot long slide from the base of the Saturn V launch pad A tad optimistically, each survivor was allocated a fire blanket and was given an oxygen candle – a type of chemical oxygen generator containing sodium chlorate and iron powder that burns to produce 6.

Burnished onto the wall is a detailed schedule which outlines when the occupiers of the shelter were use their candles and when they were supposed to change the carbon dioxide filters that were keeping their air fit to breathe while the toxic air cleared above ground. In the unlikely event that the crew were trapped or unable to leave their concrete shelter, a toilet was even fitted, tucked away behind one of the enormous astronaut sized chairs.

The room would have been accessed by a foot long slide that was positioned at the base of the mobile launch platform on the north side. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr It opened into a room dubbed the ‘rubber room’ designated as such because it was padded entirely with bouncy rubber to absorb any difficult journeys along the slide. In fact, the bomb shelter was primarily designed for the ground crew of the rocket and not the astronauts.

The would-be lunar heroes would not have been expected to be able to descend the feet from the pinnacle of the rocket – instead they would have used a slide wire that was attached from the top of the rocket to the ground. Saturn V – The Largest Rocket Built By Man The fully loaded Saturn V launch vehicle with the Apollo Spacecraft stands 60 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty on its pedestal and weighs 13 times as much as the statue The 1st stage could power the rocket to a height of around 42 miles and speeds of around 2.

The 2nd stage took it to over miles in height and achieved near orbital velocity. The 3rd stage was used in 2 steps: The cost of the Saturn V program is also quite staggering. It was one of the biggest chunks of the overall Apollo Program.

Apollo 11 Cave Stones

Well, not really, but they have very interesting similarities and differences. One of the main things that Ares and Apollo have in common is that they love getting revenge on the people that they are not very fond of. This made Apollo and Artemis very mad.

Ages of Formation of Lunar Rocks The age of formation of lunar rocks can be determined by radioisotope dating. See p of the textbook for a description of this technique.

Apollo Lunar Landing Sites The specific locations of the first two Apollo landing sites were selected mainly for reasons related to safety and orbital timing and partly for political reasons. In later missions, scientific objectives became an increasingly important factor. To enable direct communications and maximize safety, all six piloted Apollo landing missions were on the continuously Earth-facing side of the Moon because the farside terrain was not well known and because there were no relay satellites to enable continuous contact for a far-side landing.

The Apollo landing sites were located relatively near the equator within what was known as the “Apollo Zone. Landings had to be made during the lunar day on the near side in a way that would be favorable for the particular launch and orbital configuration and that would allow alternate site selection in the event of a launch delay. This combination of factors restricted the possible landing sites. Both the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 missions were targeted to land on smooth, flat mare surfaces deemed to have low numbers of impact craters.

An eastern site was preferred for Apollo 11, which would leave a western site for backup, but too far east would require a night splashdown on the return to Earth. Mare Tranquillitatis was the only suitable landing site. The Apollo 12 site was selected to investigate a western mare region and, specifically, to land at a previous Surveyor site to demonstrate pinpoint landing accuracy.

Apollo 12 landed within meters feet of the Surveyor 3 spacecraft, within walking distance, and provided a clear demonstration of U. First Manned Landing The landing sites, once selected, were studied carefully beforehand using the results of Ranger , Surveyor, Lunar Orbiter , and previous Apollo missions, and each had specific scientific goals.

The Apollo 11 landing site would answer questions about the origin and composition of an old mare surface. Although the landed mission consisted of only one brief two and one-half hour extravehicular activity EVA , during which 22 kilograms 48 pounds of rock and soil samples were collected, the information contained in the samples was enormous.

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AMIE obtained the image on 5 February from a distance of kilometres from the surface, with a ground resolution of metres per pixel. The imaged area is centred at a longitude of The area is close to crater Moltke outside the field of view of this image in the Mare Tranquilitatis. The arrow shows the landing site of Apollo 11, where the first men from Earth set foot on another object in our solar system on 20 July

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Sam and Blake make their final pleas for Sophie. Ten “Blake’s always been Mr Cool. He’s sat back and waited for me to come to him. Maybe that’s how he thinks he impresses a girl or he’s not that into me? I need to know which one it is,” says Sophie. Sam finally gets the second of his double-delight rose dates, too, this time involving giant board games and “big Hummers” this show must be edited by someone’s year-old nephew.

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Apollo program

The Disappearance of a Viking Greenland Colony. Our Earth is Hollow. The Greenland colony thrived for several centuries, but then as Europe became embroiled in war and the disease of the plague, the Norwegians lost contact with their Arctic colonies in Iceland and Greenland.

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Before Apollo, the state of the Moon was a subject of almost unlimited speculation. We now know that the Moon is made of rocky material that has been variously melted, erupted through volcanoes, and crushed by meteorite impacts. The Moon possesses a thick crust 60 km , a fairly uniform lithosphere km , and a partly liquid asthenosphere km ; a small iron core at the bottom of the asthenosphere is possible but unconfirmed. Some rocks give hints for ancient magnetic fields although no planetary field exists today.

The Moon is ancient and still preserves an early history the first billion years that must be common to all terrestrial planets. The extensive record of meteorite craters on the Moon, when calibrated using absolute ages of rock samples, provides a key for unravelling time scales for the geologic evolution of Mercury, Venus, and Mars based on their individual crater records. Photogeologic interpretation of other planets is based largely on lessons learned from the Moon. Before Apollo, however, the origin of lunar impact craters was not fully understood and the origin of similar craters on Earth was highly debated.

The youngest Moon rocks are virtually as old as the oldest Earth rocks. The earliest processes and events that probably affected both planetary bodies can now only be found on the Moon. Moon rock ages range from about 3. Active geologic forces, including plate tectonics and erosion, continuously repave the oldest surfaces on Earth whereas old surfaces persist with little disturbance on the Moon. The Moon and Earth are genetically related and formed from different proportions of a common reservoir of materials.

The distinctively similar oxygen isotopic compositions of Moon rocks and Earth rocks clearly show common ancestry.

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